1. Effective immediately, no driver is handing their phone to any individual for a signature, and instead, they are entering the first and last name into the signature field. 
  2. Stopped all non-essential travel for employees and encouraged regional travel by car.
  3. Increased their sanitizing and cleaning procedures in our operating facilities and offices.
  4. All support and corporate personnel have the ability to work remotely, from home. 
  5. Decentralized the Line Haul operations team into different offices.
  6. On-going communications to employees and drivers regarding CDC recommended best practices, including handwashing, sanitizing & wiping down handheld devices that are used for customer signatures. 
  7. Agreement in place with a commercial cleaning and sanitizing company, to sanitize any building, should a situation arise that an employee is discovered as a confirmed case of COVID-19.
  8. Any employees or their family members that have recently gone on international travel are working from home. 
  9. Utilizing virtual desktops so employees that work on desktop computers are able to work remotely if required.


In addition to CDC suggested precautions, packages do not need to be signed for any longer to minimize human contact.


OnTrac adopted an Infectious Disease Control Policy to help prevent the spread of infection in the workplace. They also updated their Pandemic Preparedness Plan to give departments business continuity and crisis communication instructions.

We are in communication with our partners about COVID-19. They have implemented a modified process for Signature Required shipments and are not tendering or accepting cargo at their facilities from providers with cold or flu-like symptoms.

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