Aside from our Gluten-Free plan, we're unable to omit specific allergens from our meals.

That being said, we'd hate for anyone to miss out! The best way to accommodate allergens is to customize your box each week by choosing which meals you receive, so you can avoid meals containing allergens. Please note that our food is processed in distribution facilities that also process wheat, gluten, nuts, and nut products.

We display the full list of ingredients in the "Nutrition" section of each recipe. This way you can choose meals that best fit your dietary needs.

In addition, we're more than happy to consult with our Culinary team and make suggestions for alternative ingredients you may purchase at home! If you have questions about a specific ingredient or recipe, please reach out to us on Live Chat by clicking the purple chat icon on the lower-left corner of our website

For instructions on how to change your meals, see our "How do I change my meals?" FAQ! 

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