Nope! We take the hassle out of preselecting your meals as our Culinary team curates our orders week to week. You can always expect something new and flavorful in every meal kit. Let our Culinary team take the wheel and delight in exotic ingredients and hassle-free, plant-based deliciousness each and every week.

You can find our upcoming menu here.

New menus are posted on our website every Wednesday and will reflect in the "Upcoming Menu" section of your account as well as the "Weekly Menu" section of our website.

If you don't think the meals in that specific week will be in line with your taste feel free to skip that week! The option to skip can be found here, or by manually navigating to the Upcoming Menus tab in your Account Settings.

Keep in mind the deadline to skip is Tuesdays at 11:59 PM EST the week prior to your expected delivery!

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