No worries! We don’t require a signature for the delivery of your order. If you’re not home when your order is delivered, it should just be there waiting for you when you arrive home.

All orders are thoroughly insulated and packaged with cold packs, which keeps them stable and temperature-safe for an afternoon left on your stoop. No need to worry about your ingredients sitting around warm before you can get them inside and refrigerate them!

If by chance you live in an area where a large box cannot easily be left, may we suggest a few other options for you:

  • Speak with a neighbor, friend or local business that is willing and available to accept the package for you.
  • If possible have the package delivered to your workplace. (Keep in mind the delivery window set by our shipping partners may cause the package to arrive after business hours.)
  • Set easy to follow delivery instructions in the "Special Delivery Instructions" section of your delivery address on your account profile.
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