If you’d like to cancel your account indefinitely, follow the below steps.

1.) Log into your Purple Carrot account
2.) Navigate to your name in the upper right hand corner (for mobile users, click the list icon on the top left of the page)
3.) Click “My Profile”
4.) Navigate to Account Settings, and next to “Subscription Status,” click “Change”
5.) Scroll to “Cancel My Account”
6.) Complete the short survey and follow cancelation instructions to complete

As an alternative to permanently canceling, we offer the option to skip upcoming orders for up to ten weeks. You can accomplish this by selecting the “Pause” feature above the cancellation option.

As a reminder, the deadline for making changes to your orders is 11:59 PM EST on the Tuesday prior to your orders shipment. If the steps are not followed to cancel or pause your account before this deadline, you will be confirmed for one final delivery.

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